When the weather begins to moderate and the rain begins to rain in the land until the start of the season of Kashtat, people going to a beautiful way to deserts and prairies where there enjoy with nature and picturesque air.The origin of the word "kashta" is derived from the word"kastanyola" Which means in Turkish (Wild picni)

Grill Type

Most popular grills We use coal as the main fuel for barbecue in kofta, chicken, meat and fish.


Each of us thinks of going out of the ordinary in the foods we eat every day. The atmosphere and family gatherings help us to barbecue, especially with the availability of special meat types and products.

Grill Tools

Now come with a tasty barbecue time using the right tools to have your food better prefer and choose the right cooking tool.

Hire a Grill Chief 100 QR

Chef is a person who has a high level of professional skills that makes him familiar with all aspects of preparing food. It is a kitchen role.,which cost 100 QR

YES Hire a grilling Chief

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